Hallucinating Type

Experiments in typography and augmented reality

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100 Days Grid, Space and Time

January 2022 - Now


Swift UI


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Creator: Rajshree Saraf

Hallucinating Type

Ten months ago, I set out on an exploration of design considerations for communication and information design in augmented reality (AR). That started my 100-day project, Hallucinating Type, where I made 2D posters and experimented with ways I could translate that into a 3-dimensional AR experience. 

Rumour has it that we’re all going to look like idiots in three years with AR head-mounted displays. Yet, we know so little about how to design for AR. I incorporated the grid, one of the oldest graphic design tools, with AR, one of the newest technologies. With this, the posters turned out to be more than simple extrusions of 2-D restricted to four corners; they became posters to be embodied with 3-D grids that could be in the shape of a cube or a tornado or ice cream—just about anything.

Watch Spatial Typography and a case for Responsive AR ︎